Insurance from VitalityLife offers cover that gives clients more options to choose from, so they protect the things that the mean most to them – from their children’s education to the family business. Your clients can even choose different options as they go through life and their priorities change.

VitalityLife is different from other insurance – rather than just focussing on offering financial protection when things go wrong, they encourage clients to lead a healthier lifestyle and reward them for doing so. They offer discounts, rewards and cashback to encourage healthy behaviours. Clients even have the opportunity to reduce their insurance premiums as they get healthier too, meaning they pay a fairer price for their insurance. It’s the way insurance should be.


VitalityLife helps your clients save money and get healthy, and rewards them for their efforts. We want your clients to live life well and we’re here to help them do it. The discounts and rewards we offer help your clients get healthier, and save money at the same time.

Our reason for offering discounts and rewards is simple. If your clients lead a healthy lifestyle they could add years to their life and significantly reduce their chance of illness. This means that they are less likely to claim.

How does it work

We’ve worked with scientists and academics to ensure the discounts and rewards we offer encourage your clients to live a healthy lifestyle. Together we’ve identified lots of things they can do to get healthy. We give your clients discounts with our health partners such as half price health screens, as well as useful tools to help them understand and monitor their health, and set goals to improve it.

To help your clients track their progress we give them Vitality points for doing healthy things. This counts towards their Vitality status. Everyone starts on Bronze and can move up to Silver, Gold and finally Platinum. The higher their status, the more they could get back.


The benefits available to your clients depend on which plan they choose.

Type of planBenefits
Health partner discountsThe opportunity to control their premiums by looking after their healthThe opportunity to earn cashbackA range of additional rewards
Vitality Optimiser with any planticktickticktick
Add Vitality Plus to the VitalityLife Planticktickticktick
Add Vitality Plus to the VitalityLife Essentials Plantick ticktick
VitalityLife Planticktick  
VitalityLife Essentials Plantick   

Health partner discounts

We give your clients discounts on things that are good for them. Things like health screenings, stop smoking sessions, and fitness equipment such as heart rate monitors and sports shoes.

The opportunity to control their premiums by looking after their health

If your client has chosen Vitality Optimiser, they get an upfront discount on their standard protection premium in their first year, as well as the opportunity to keep their protection premiums low in future years by taking part in Vitality.

If your client has not chosen Vitality Optimiser, they still get the chance to reduce their premiums every year with our VitalityLife Plan. The more they take part the bigger the Premium Discounts become.

The opportunity to earn cashback

With Vitality Optimiser and Vitality Plus, your clients get an extra incentive to look after their health - the chance to earn cashback every year.

A range of additional rewards

With Vitality Optimiser and Vitality Plus, we also give your clients other ways to get more from life. So, when they look after their health, they won’t just get money off their premiums – they’ll get rewards too, including cinema tickets every week and money off cycles and travel.