VitalityLife takes a unique approach to Serious Illness Cover. Most providers offer traditional Critical Illness Cover, which covers around 40 conditions and pays out 100% of the cash amount if a valid claim is made. There are several issues with standard Critical Illness Cover:

  • The condition a client suffers has to be fairly severe. Even though they may not be able to work, if it isn’t deemed severe enough they will not receive a payout.
  • They will receive 100% of the payout even though they don’t necessarily need it. Often the condition can be treated, the client can make a full recovery and they will be able to go back to work. Once a client makes a successful claim, they will find it nearly impossible to get cover in the future .
  • VitalityLife’s Serious Illness Cover covers clients against a wider range of conditions; over 100 if they have Primary Cover and over 170if they have Comprehensive Cover. More importantly, they also make payments based on how severe the condition is. So a condition with the highest severity will receive a 100% payout, whereas the least severe condition would receive a 5% payout but a client would still be covered for the remaining amount, so they won’t find themselves without the cover the need. And, with Serious Illness Cover, you’re twice as likely a payout as you are with traditional Critical Illness Cover.